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What Things Make You Happy?

People usually feel so much better after answering this question, so we invite you to add your thoughts here as well. The question is … What Simple Things Make You Happy? Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page To Add Your Happy Things To The List

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“Meaningful Quotes About Life” This e-book has been created specially as a gift with the intention to enhance your life, make you think, draw a smile or maybe even inspire you to action. It doesn’t contain any sales hype, affiliate links or rash promises.

Inspirational Things To See And Do

This is what you will find inside “The Appreciation Space”. 100% Free Content – there is nothing for sale on this site! What Simple Things Make You Happy? – Answering this question will make you feel even better than you did

Would You Like To Play A Game?

We invite you to be part of a revolutionary group activity called “The Appreciation Game”. Join us in feeling good, creating successful habits, beginning each day with a fresh new perspective and prove that giving your positive attention to being appreciative, really works to attract more PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS in your life! It’s FREE, it’s HEALTHY and it’s FUN.

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Staying On Track – It Really Works

I am MORE than grateful that this morning discipline, is yet another tool in helping me to keep on track … P.S. I like it a lot … it really works!!!”

Susie Foletta Yarram, Victoria Australia

Inspiring – Helpful – Thank You

“Thank you for all the inspiration that is being a part of your group … I have not been well but wish to let you know that I still read your ‘gratefulness’ and it helps me through the day.”

Scott McDonald. Grantville, Victoria Australia

Looking For Positives In Everything That’s Happening

I AM grateful that my commitment is keeping me on track and causing me to really look for the positives in everything that is happening to me.

Ann Steel Bonbeach, Victoria Australia

This Process Works – Appreciate Every Moment

I understand that this process works without any doubt. I haven’t been doing it for the past week and have slipped back into assessment and worry, when really all I need to do is appreciate every moment.

Trevor Colvin Wonyip, Victoria Australia

Inspirational Ideas

Want to give someone a gift, why not do something completely different? Instead of frantically trying to buy something just as a token present or sending out those boring cards, why not give something really meaningful instead? What about giving the gift of appreciation! Click on the parcel to find out more ...