When I experience challenges in my life, I always use them as a signal for me to take some time-out. Someone asked me just recently what I do to re-charge my body, mind and spirit and it made me think about the process I go through. I am sure we all have our own ways of managing problems/stress/difficulties etc, yet I thought I would write mine down in case someone might draw some benefit from reading them. OK, here goes …

Knowing When To Take Time-Out

First of all, I need to know when my body/mind/spirit needs space. The trigger that tells ME this, is when I start to feel like I have given too much. Something that I’ve offered hasn’t been received the way it was intended. I feel UPSET. If I allow this feeling to keep going, it changes to RESENTMENT (which then leads to anger and blaming), so I am usually able to stop myself before I get to that point.

Know What To Do Next

Extracting or removing myself from the situation that has caused the UPSET is vital. There are several ways to do this –

1. Physically leave.
2. Mentally change my thoughts.
3. Emotionally downsize.

Physically leave. Move from where I am. Get up, go for a walk, take a bath, go shopping, play sport, dance, drive through a forest, build a fire, walk to the top of a hill and stand in the wind…do whatever I can that will help to bring myself back to a feeling of equilibrium, peace, calmness or whatever it is I am desiring. Along with that I often drink lots of water and may not eat until I am feeling more settled.

Mentally change my thoughts. Sometimes things happen that make us feel upset. Upset comes from our emotions and our emotions are often guided by our thoughts and past experiences. I stop and ask myself, “what am I really upset about?” Answering myself as honestly as possible usually uncovers a deeper reason that I was unaware of before I asked the question and gives me a foundation from which to work. It can be as simple as then saying to myself, “everything happens for a reason” or “this too will pass”. Then think about happy things and move on. When I notice myself thinking unpleasant thoughts, I just notice them and change them to happy ones again. When I catch myself thinking happy thoughts – I celebrate.

Emotionally downsize. To me this means, “stop being so dramatic”. Take a few deep breaths and calm down. Find that place inside that represents who I really am. Inside each of us is a loving, whole, perfectly complete human BEING. And all we are BEING, is human.

Sometimes it might not be practical or possible to do one or more of these steps. For instance, if I am driving a car when the upset occurs, physically leaving would be impossible. But, if I take all three of these steps, I am able to re-charge my body/mind and spirit very quickly.

Other Things You Can Do

Sometimes people go to a “retreat” to do a complete mind/body/spirit re-charge. A spiritual resort, where you are removed from any locational disturbances and given diet, yoga, meditation, exercise, and thought processes etc to help you find that feeling inside that you are seeking. These places are a great resource and they have helped many people. I am fortunate that I am happy and content with the space I have set up at my home and I rarely need to venture anywhere else to be granted the space I might need. We all have the resources we need inside us too, and any questions we may need answered will be found by simply asking and then being willing to receive them. Don’t always expect the answers to come in a particular form. Your answers might be heard in the lyrics of the next song you hear, the words in a book or those of a stranger, a message in a movie or the whisper of the wind. For me, many of my answers come in the form of inspiration. Writing this short article was just one of those examples.

There are so many ways in which I have been blessed. Knowing when to take time-out is just one of those blessings. I wonder what things you do to cleanse your mind, body and spirit? Maybe you will share them right here. Your words might be just what someone else needs to read.

Good health, happiness and kindest wishes to you,

Elizabeth Richardson


Cleansing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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