One Vital Step Towards Creating Peace For Yourself And The Person Who Has Hurt You

Someone has done something to hurt you or erode your trust in them. OK, that has happened and it hurts. Feel bad about it for as long as you need to, but, is there something you can do about it? Most definitely!

Stop talking about the situation/action/behaviour. The more you tell other people about it, the more you keep it in place. How does it benefit you to keep talking and thinking about it? Usually it serves to make the other person wrong and you right. Is that a pleasant thought? For some people it is, because they don’t know any different. But continuing to dwell on the unpleasant things continues to keep us ‘stuck’ in the past and keeps on attracting the same situations towards us until we are ready to let go.

Try this simple exercise….think about an unpleasant experience in great detail…then rate how you are feeling on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest). Then think about something that makes you feel really happy, anything at all, again rate how you are feeling on a scale of 1 to 10. Which feeling would you prefer to have?

Leave the past in the past where it belongs. Take whatever lessons you need from the experience, but don’t keep talking about the unpleasantness and don’t even allow yourself to have a thought about it. Yes, the other person may need to take some steps to begin a resolution process…but we need to let go of that as an expectation and be responsible for creating our own happy thoughts.

Peace, forgiveness and resolution begin on the inside of us, then they spread out to effect the energies of those around us. Reclaim your power over an unpleasant situation and be responsible for creating your own happy thoughts…we don’t always have control over other people’s actions…but we do have control over our thoughts about them…to me, that helps us live life to it’s fullest potential no matter what happens around us…and that is our greatest power.

RECOMMENDED RESOURCE: One of the best books I have found on the subject (and one I have loaned several people) is called, “After The Affair” – healing the pain and rebuilding trust when a partner has been unfaithful. Written by Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is of a general nature and may not suit everyone or every situation. While every care has been taken to ensure it is useful and appropriate, no responsibility can be taken for the results gained from its implementation. Please seek individual professional guidance for any difficulties you may have with your communication, self-esteem, inter-personal relationships, emotional management, or psychological well-being. Thank you.

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Creating Peace For Yourself And The Person Who Has Hurt You

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