It’s Habit Forming!

This article was written by Dr. Alexandra Gayek from the Science of Being Well Network, a woman who I admire very much for having the courage to speak out against the dangers of certain traditional beliefs and practises relating to the treatment of disease. I have heard Alexandra being interviewed and love how clearly she presents healthy solutions.

I seem to learn something new with every article I read as well. Just these simple explanations about how we can change our thoughts in powerful ways to make us feel physically better effect me every time I read them. Anyway, go directly to he website if you would like to receive your free copy of “The Science Of Being Well“.

If you could be in the daily habit of doing any good thing you’re not doing regularly, what would it be? Floss your teeth? Meditate? Work out at the gym? Clean off your desk? Balance your chequebook? Go for a walk?The next question is, why aren’t you already doing it? You don’t know how? It reminds you of something unpleasant? You never seem to have time? It feels too overwhelming? You’re afraid of something?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent more time and energy than I’d like to admit feeling guilty and negatively judging myself for not doing things I think I *should* do. In fact, I’ve often spent much more energy resisting the doing than it would have taken to just do the task. And rarely have I stopped to question my resistance.

I’ve been experimenting with “The Work” of Byron Katie, which guides one to question his/her thoughts with the goal of releasing suffering.

Given the direct relationship between stressful thoughts and health problems, this seems like a splendid idea.

I’d gotten myself all worked up into a multi-day headache, complete with grinding my teeth at night, because the deadline for filing income taxes was fast approaching, and I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and do my accounting.

My thought was, I DON’T WANT TO PAY MY TAXES! Followed by, BUT I HAVE TO.

Is there anything in your life that you don’t want to do but feel you have to do?

I don’t know too many people who are gleeful about paying taxes, so my thought seemed normal to me. I hadn’t ever really questioned it.

But when I asked myself: Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it’s true that I don’t want to pay my taxes? I recognized that I felt completely powerless. It was the same feeling as when I was a small child, being forced to do things I did NOT want to do.

In other words, my reaction was to the thought that I was being forced to do something that I had no choice about.

When I actually considered that I DO have a choice about paying my taxes or not, and weighed the pro’s and con’s, it took about a nanosecond to recognize that the stress and worry of what could happen to me if I didn’t pay them far outweighed the effort of getting my act together to pay them.

The truth is, I DO want to pay my taxes! Once I saw this, all my resistance — and my headache — melted away and the only thing I wanted to do for the next three days was sort my entire office, file all the piles and boxes of papers, and get those taxes paid.

It was completely amazing!

The next thing I knew, I was questioning my thoughts that I don’t want to floss my teeth, don’t want to restrict the amount of sweets I eat, don’t want to exercise.

The truth is, when I acknowledge that I believe these things are good for me, that I definitely do not want the consequences that I believe will follow my continued resistance, and it is entirely MY CHOICE to do or not do the actions involved, the amount of motivation I have to do what I believe is good for me is stunning.

Notice the word BELIEVE in there.

You too may find that what is the most stressful is when your actions do not line up with your beliefs about what is good for you. Notice it’s YOUR beliefs that count, not someone else’s. If you’re not sure what you really believe, ask yourself what you EXPECT will happen if you follow a particular course of action.


Healthy Habits – part 1

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