What would you say are the MOST IMPORTANT things you need from a woman?

How could she give them to you in ways that would make you feel accepted, appreciated and empowered?

According to Tony Robbins (and many other men who attend his seminars), women have this illusion that men JUST want SEX from us (which is still an important aspect) when most men say that “Being able to make a woman SMILE” is much more important! What do you say? What can a woman do to bring out the BEST in you?

I’m doing some research on “understanding what the opposite sex REALLY NEEDS”. I’m sure that men must have needs that are gender specific so I’d be incredibly grateful if you’d answer these two questions for me.

I’d personally like to understand more about what men REALLY need from us and frankly, I think it’s about time we ALL started to understand each other better instead of compromising. Your honesty and willingness to TEACH US ABOUT YOU is very much appreciated.

With a genuine desire to know so much more,

Elizabeth Richardson

Leaving your answers in the comment box at the bottom of the page would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much for your help!


Survey For Men – what do you need from women?


Elizabeth Richardson currently lives on The Gold Coast Of Australia and is a mother, teacher and author of the International Best Seller 500 Confessions. Elizabeth worked as a Professional Counselor, has trained to lead Group Therapy Workshops , studied Strategic Intervention with Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes and is a certified Rebirth Practitioner (Australian Institute Of Rebirthing). These days Elizabeth enjoys a life of total luxury but still plays as a writer professional photographer and web designer. Her passion for living, loving and laughing, remains at the forefront of her focus.

One thought on “Survey For Men – what do you need from women?

  • January 13, 2010 at 10:49 am

    What do I want?

    Acceptance, to be allowed to be myself, in all aspects, the good, the grumpy, and the male. To feel like I don’t need to change to accommodate others.

    That what I have to offer can be put together with what a partner has to offer to create a synergistic result, that has good things happen and expands both persons in many ways.

    And allow for some chivalry. It takes both for it to happen, and in my experience most women have given up on chivalry, or don’t think it does exist. It does, and personally being able to be chivalrous is empowering for me, and that has to come across.


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