Want to give someone a gift?
Why not do something completely different?

Instead of frantically trying to buy something just as a token present or sending out those boring cards, why not give something really meaningful instead? What about giving the gift of appreciation!

Here’s an idea …

1. Write down the list of all the people you appreciate having in your life. The people who have meant something to you in the last year.

2. Write down WHY you appreciate them. Then send it to them … a gift from your heart.

3. Next, write down a list of all the people who have bothered, annoyed, troubled or angered you. Forgive them … then find something to appreciate them for. Take some time to really feel your appreciation. Write it down and then send it to them … a gift FROM your heart as well as a gift FOR your heart.

4. Then, write down a list of all the things you appreciate about yourself. Take some time to really feel the appreciation … and then give yourself the best gift you could possibly imagine … the gift of an appreciative life.

For no matter what trials or triumphs we face, living a life of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness, is one the most precious gifts we have to give.

You are of great value to this world!

With love and kindest thoughts,

from Elizabeth

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